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one last spring sunrise

Yesterday’s Phenology: A bit of a change of pace: it was sunny all day. We had something akin to snow-blindness. The sun: it’s very bright. We seized the opportunity presented by sun and a day off of work, and went to the dog park, where the water was high, and getting higher. Not as many dogs, it being a Monday, but pleasant none the less. Unidentified birds up in the trees, hiding behind leaves. It stayed cool throughout the day, in the 60s, with a bit of a breeze. A pretty nice day.

Song of the day: Paul Simon, Was a Sunny Day

early morning commute

Yesterday’s Phenology: A cool and overcast day. Have I mentioned that robins are everywhere? And cardinals? And that the Red-winged blackbirds are singing up a storm? I wonder where these guys spend their winters? This is prime birdwatching season, before all the leaves come out. Birds are on display.

Song of the day: Charlie Parker Quintet at Birdland, Ornithology


foggy lake morning

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a patch of dawn

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morning light, medical arts building

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it floats past in the early blue of dawn like a big silent ship

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early morning light, downtown st. paul

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another foggy saint paul morning

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downtown saint paul, just before dawn


tower of babel