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dog park day: whole lotta sniffin’ goin’ on…

Yesterday’s Phenology: Another perfect spring day. Low 60s and cloudy in the morning when we went dogparkin’. this is not the best picture of Flynn, but it gives a good idea of what’s up at the dog park on any given day. Dogs being dogs. Everybody happy. Sun came out as we left dogparkland, and it warmed up a bit, upper 60s, low 70s. Lotta green now, and, as I mentioned, all the trees are blossoming furiously. Heard an unusual bird at the dogpark, but there are now enough leaves up in the trees that it was impossible to spot. More research is needed.

Song of the day: Michael Parks, Then Came Bronson. (Okay, not really a song, per se.)

Sunday (aka Dog Park Day)

Yesterday’s Phenology: A nice day. Upper 60s, perhaps, with hazy cloudy sunny sky. Mostly cloudy I guess. Tulips are blooming here and there, but not yet in our yard. Saw a young bald eagle sitting on a tree with it’s mother at the Dog Park. Mom flew off to find food. Eaglet looked annoyed.

Song of the day: the Beatles, It’s a Hard Day’s Night

One from the archives, may 2016, is there anything more funner than a game of chase? I don’t think so. Let loose the dogs of spring…

Yesterday’s Phenology: A perfect day. By that I mean that it was gray and gloomy overcast all day, temp in the low 50s, not much wind, and it started to rain a bit right after I got off work. Who could ask for anything more?

Song of the Day: Harry Nilsson, Me and my Arrow

Tired dog

Yesterday’s Phenology: Well, we return to winter. About 4 inches of snow or so on the ground this morning, and, what with daylight saving’s time beginning, we are plunged back into early morning darkness. Such is life. Nothing lasts. The early morning snow was very good for displaying animal tracks, though, in actuality, it was only squirrels running from tree to tree. But squirrels are all right. They could be worse. The pond by work is all frozen over again and snow covered. And I had to dig the snow blower out after work to clear the sidewalks. But really, it was just a bit of a dusting. Can’t complain about 4 inches of snow in March. We’ve seen worse.
Beautiful big full moon this morning, in the dark blue morning sky. Kind of magical up there.

Song of the day: Duke Ellington, C Jam Blues

it’s a dog meet dog world


Yesterday’s Phenology: Winter wears on. Sunnier today, and cold, teens, with a steady breeze (in the 50 or so minutes I was outside.) A brilliant clear city night. Were those the Pleiades I saw up there tonight? A definite perhaps.

Song of the Day: Harry Nilsson, Me and My Arrow

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.”


Mark Twain said that. This is a good time to spend some time with your dog.

Yesterday’s Phenology: More gray damp somewhat melting weather. Got up to 38 today. Heard a woodpecker tentatively pecking a bit while on the morning walk. Saw it climbing about in the branches. He looked dissatisfied. Perhaps a bit early for real pecking.

Song of the day: Creedence Clearwater Revival, Fortunate Son

dog-park day!


This is not a great picture, but it does represent the general idea of  Sunday being dog-park-day, and how much Flynn enjoys it. As do we.

Yesterday’s phenology: Well, a pretty picture perfect fall sunday. Mostly sunny till late afternoon, not a lot of wind, which was good for the bike ride. The Touch-me-nots are ready to be touched. The sun set today at 7:17. Again, right on time for this time of the year. One of the more reliable aspects of phenology. Lots of raspberries on the bushes, and lots of bees also in the bushes. On my bike ride I did some calculations, and I figure we’re still about 95% green around here, with 3% yellow and 3% red. The red stands out a bit more than the yellow. I saw a blue heron (I think) standing along the shore of a pond while I was on my bike ride. He was fishing, and keeping a watchful eye on the pond and its approaches. I also rode by a hillside of Miscanthus all a-flower. (Pictures later.) All in all, not a big day for phenology, really, though I was out and about a good part of the day. Stopped on a bridge over Minnehaha creek, and noted just an occasional fallen leaf, aspens, I think, being carried down stream.

The political news is relentlessly depressing these days. But – on the bright side – it made me think of this song today while I was mulling and biking. Randy Newman – Every Man a King.


good ol’ skip

mom and skippy c fr sm


mom and skippy

Mom and Skippy, b fr sm


my mother always loved dogs, even way before I knew her

mom and smokey c fr sm


first rule of dog park: chase or be chased

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Sunday is Dog Park Day!

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Shepherd’s harvest festival: dog at work

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