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morning flight

Yesterday’s Phenology: Another nice rainy day, until the afternoon, when it stopped raining, and then the sun peeked out a bit. Nice to get the rain. Noticed a ruckus up in the trees as I walked Flynn in the late afternoon, birds, excited, and then a hawk flew out of a spruce and away.

Song of the Day: Spencer Davis Group, Gimme Some Lovin’


on Golden Pond


Yesterday’s Phenology: It rather feels like Winter is here, though lacking snow in these parts. A chilly 17 yesterday morning, as I waited in the darkness at the bus stop at 6:20. I remembered waiting at the bus stop all those years ago, high school, junior high, -20, snowing, pitch black. Thought nowt about it. Those were the days. Cold throughout the day, still breezy, the wind sneaking over from the blizzard in NoDak. Still darker than yesterday. To work in the dark, working through the day in my dark cold little cubicle, dark as I go home at night. The Theater of the seasons. I took a look at the pond this morning, frozen over, and ducks and geese sitting out on it looking morose.
(The picture above, of course, is from a few weeks back. I hope those two flew south after their stroll around the pond.)

Song of the day: Bob Dylan, Girl from the North Country

mr and mrs wood duck, headed down to the lake

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Yesterday’s Phenology: Dragonflies are flying. Noticed millions of them flying over the field as we walked to the dog park. Probably feeding on all the small flies that are visiting all the flowering field plants. Nature: a big cafeteria.


keller park; sharing a private joke, undoubtedly at my expense

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silver lake

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