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summer raspberry

Song of the day: Bach, Prelude from Cello Sonata No. 1, played on guitar by Andres Segovia

little tomatos

Song of the day: Rickie Lee Jones, We Belong Together

cherries in the wild


Yesterday’s Phenology: Another sunny day. High of 86, (3 above average.) Not a lot of wind, but a lot of sun, making for a thirsty day. A pretty quiet day, but for the occasional explosions.

Song of the day: John Prine, Your Flag Decal Won’t Get You into Heaven Anymore


one from the archives, december 2014, cranberries

Yesterday’s Phenology: Another mostly gray day, mostly below 45 degrees, mostly a little breezy. Probably a pretty typical March sort of day, though I’m kind of forgetting what a typical March day is like. In this case, gray and cool and dry.

Song of the day: The Cranberries, Dream

the Castle has fallen


Yesterday’s Phenology: Another cheery gray day, temps hovering in the mid 20s, a little breeze making it feel a little chillier than that. I was thinking about the birds that I’ve seen so far this year. The bird list has kind of come to a standstill. Geese and crows. Crows and geese. Crows and crows. Sparrows at the bird feeder. Deep, we are deep down in the January doldrums.

Song of the day: John Lee Hooker, Blues Before Sunrise

winter kale


Yesterday’s Phenology: After a number of days of gray overcast cloudy days, temps hovering about freezing, it finally decided to snow a bit. We got perhaps a couple of inches. So things look brighter and cheerier, a bit, I guess. Still, cloudy all day, and the temp peaked at about 31.

Song of the day: Johnny Lee Hooker, This Land is Nobody’s Land

soup season


Yesterday’s Phenology: Spring returns to the Twin Cities. Temp in the mid to upper 30s, and the sun shines down warmly on the inhabitants of our fair cities. Took a few walks today, and noted only crows, crowing around, tree to tree, mocking the poor flightless humans below.

Song of the day: Jethro Tull, Wond’Ring Aloud

the last good tomatoes


Yesterday’s phenology: A brighter day, fewer clouds. We missed the Hard Freeze they were warning us about; there’s a sense of relief out in the garden. Dodged a bullet, all the plants are thinking, as they bask in the sun of another fall day. Life is good. The autumn leaves seem remarkably colorful this year. Just like last year.

Song of the day: Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder – Bonde



Yesterday’s Phenology: Winter is coming. I thought that perhaps I saw snow falling in the early morning when I took Flynn out for a walk. Tiny tiny flakes. Perhaps I was wrong. But then, later, my phenological observation was verified by a colleague at work. She had also seen it. Snow.
Later on, we were back to Fall. It was cooler today, in the 40s, and breezy, and cloudy, and the autumn color may be at its finest right now, with some trees splashed with yellows, oranges, pinks, and reds, while others stubbornly cling to green. The contrasting colors are beautiful. Perhaps saw the white-throated sparrows today, perhaps. They are predicting a Hard Frost tonight, and so I’ve picked the eligible tomatoes and raspberries. We’ll see what happens. Winter is coming.

Song of the day: Harry Nilsson, Spaceman



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the hi-lo diner, minneapolis

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Hi-Lo Diner, Lake Street, Minneapolis

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blessed are the cheesemakers

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one from the archives, june 2011, mushrooms in the wild

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happy cookies

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one from the archives: Peter’s Grill, March 2008

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midtown market radishes

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ahhh, late season raspberries.

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condiments, tiny diner, minneapolis

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sweet pea

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le town talk. a rainy night.

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pear with apples

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one from the archives, september 2013; booth, victor’s 1959

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