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more glass things

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Yup, more glass things from the store that sells these sorts of glass things. These are taller and skinnier than the ones posted previously, and would be more useful in taller situations. But it’s nice to have a variety on hand, because not all situations call for the tall ones like this. Sometimes, though, these are just the thing you need, and nothing else will quite do the job.

glass things, at that store in uptown that stocks a lot of glass things like this..

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These are some of those round glass things with front and back portholes, and also, on this model, two or three top portholes. Obviously, these are the type that hang from their sturdy glass eyelet hangers. There’s a lot of uses for a glass thing like this. I bet a lot of ideas come to mind for you too. This makes me want to hang a lot more little hooks in the house! (Like we don’t have dozens of these little glass things already!)


old glass cookie jar, at the mall of saint paul antiques

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a cool beverage on a hot late summer day

the glass ceiling

This is in the Landmark Center, Saint Paul, which used to be the Federal Court House, and this used to be the Law Library, and then it was a court room, and then, I think, a judges chambers.
This is much like the ceiling of the library in my house.

twenty glass blocks. peace coffee in minneapolis