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raindrops, morning sun

Song of the day, Raining Window

One from the archives, wee brownie, october 2013

Song of the day: Michael Levy, Hurrian Hymn no. 6

one from the archives, november 2008, maple leaf

Song of the Day, Randy Newman, Louisiana, 1927

One from the archives, fall, 2016, minnehaha creek

Fairport Convention, Who Knows Where the Time Goes

Red-winged blackbird, looking skeptical

Yesterday’s Phenology: Bright and painfully sunny initially, then a bunch of big clouds moved in, then overcast, then partly sunny. Thought it might rain at some point, but, disappointment, no. Temp in the mid 70s, though warmer in the car. Saw a lot of bald eagles as we drove down river to Maiden Rock, over the river and over the Wisconsin bluffs, and a few herons, and a red-tailed hawk, possibly. Good day for flying, I guess.

Song of the day: Temptations, My Girl, Get Ready

arctic willow after the rain

Yesterday’s Phenology: It was cooler and cloudy in the morning, perhaps in the 70s. The big thunderstorm hit at about 9 or so… just as we were making our way back to the car at the dog park. It got very very dark, and it rained very very hard, and we got to the car just as the hail started. It rained much of the morning, then was cloudy and cooler and much nice through the rest of the day, with periods of rain, temps in the 60s and 70s. Should green things up a bit.

Song of the day: Gene Kelly, Singin’ in the Rain

the greenest green

Yesterday’s Phenology: A nice cool (50ish) morning. An overabundance of sun throughout the day. the goslings are gosling about the pond, they are surprisingly big, teen goslings, practically. Where does the time go? Tick Tock Tick Tock. Soon it will be fall again, the leaves now green will be dry and blown about by the chill north wind. Today, though, it’s teen goslings frolicking in the shady grass by the pond.

Song of the day: Cat Stevens, Morning has Broken

The white in the green, eloise butler garden

Yesterday’s Phenology: Upper upper 60s today, and a little breezy. Clouded over in the afternoon. The grass is tall, though there are those of us who follow the old tradition of not mowing before May 15th, lest your ears fall off. Probably nothing to that, but, still, why take a chance? Sea gulls in the parking lot in the morning, making a racket. The usual geese and ducks around the pond. I’m watching for buffleheads and cormorants. Where are they? My local naturalist thinks that yesterday’s turtle may have been a baby snapper. I think she may be right.

Song of the day: Crosby Stills Nash & Young, Cowgirl in the Sand

Spring Cardinal, Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden

Yesterday’s Phenology: A very sunny and nice early part of the day, then clouded over later in the afternoon. Temp in the 60s. Saw a hairy (downy?) woodpecker in the park, pecking, and a egret swooped down oh-so-slowly-and-gracefully into the shallows of the pond. Also found a very very very young turtle, sitting on the path, looking over-warm. Carried him (or her) down to the pond, and he or she swam away, happy, I assume, to be back in the wet.

Song of the day: Joe Cocker, Feelin’ Alright

little miracles

Yesterday’s Phenology: A delightful day. Overcast and cooler. Rain arrived on schedule, a little misting rain at first, and then a regular steady rain, and then more rain. Eskimos have 50 words for snow. I wonder if they have 50 words for rain in the tropics? Anyway, what we have here is a “soaker.” A nice gentle rain that lasts a long time. Just what Dr. Spring ordered.

Song of the day: the Beatles, Rain

winter grass


Yesterday’s Phenology: Just a few degrees colder and a few inches of fresh snow and it seems like winter again. Today I heard on the radio that we’re headed for another warmer-than-average month. Which will make 17 in a row. Which kind of makes me wonder if we will ever have another colder-than-average month. Today’s high was 29. Paul Huttner on the Updraft blog reports that 18 of the last 26 days have been cloudy or mostly cloudy. Squadrons of geese fly over frequently, going here and there. What makes a bunch of geese decide to go fly somewhere, some other little patch of water? Boredom? A mean-looking squirrel tried to drop a big branch on me the other day. Everybody’s on edge, it seems.

Song of the Day: John Lee Hooker – Crawlin King Snake Blues

late summer green


Yesterday’s Phenology: Totally Minnesota. Totally January. Woke up to a rain/snow/freezing rain mixture that had the car coated in ice. A slow and careful commute to work. The plows had done some good work during the night. But then more snowing and blowing throughout most of the day, a couple of inches of dry powder. And then the sun came out and the temperature plummeted, from the mid 20s to the single digits, with -10 wind chill. Big beautiful moon out there, clean clear winter air. The snow is all lit up by moonlight. Saw an eagle swoop over the Lake Street Bridge on my way home, doing some hunting I suppose.

Song of the day: Tom Waits, All the World is Green

minnehaha creek, fall


Today’s Phenology: Temps skyrocketed to 37 today. People were out in shorts, washing their cars, talking about what a hard winter it was. A bright sunny day. Wildlife is scarce. At least, in my little gray cubicle.

Song of the Day: Sun Ra and his Arkestra, Pink Elephants on Parade

beached leaf


Yesterday’s Phenology: Out of the blue, today, the sun came out, and it was oddly warm. Up in the 20s? Compared to -20, it was like springtime. All it takes is a little perspective, I guess.

Song of the day: George Harrison, Out of the Blue



Yesterday’s Phenology: Cold. Gray, largely. Not real cold. Pretty cold. But not Minnesota Winter Cold. Still, since we are not yet acclimated to it, it is Plenty Cold Enough. High of 19 today, currently 11. Cold enough. Moments of disorienting sun, but not enough to be dangerous. 93% gray skies, and roughly 72% cold. Christmas is sneaking up on us, and there is scant snow on the ground.

Song of the Day: The Mama’s and the Papa’s, California Dreamin’

flip side


Yesterday’s Phenology: Can you guess? Gray skies. Slightly above freezing. About 70% of the snow has melted away. Ice fog in the morning provided a nice opportunity for thoughtless driving and excessive speeds. The pond is still open water. Some rumors about a big chill descending. We shall see. Winter is coming?

Song of the Day: Miles Davis, Autumn Leaves

autumn leaf


Yesterday’s Phenology: The sun peeked out today, for about 5 minutes. Otherwise, cold and grey. Below freezing, even. Slightly. Still, we carry on.

Song of the Day: Nat King Cole, Autumn Leaves

yellow maple


Yesterday’s Phenology: Again, gray, wet (perhaps a little less wet) and chilly, (perhaps a bit chillier.) However it didn’t get below freezing, and so all our precipitation was in liquid form.

Song of the day: Keith Michell, Valse Milieu

autumn reflections


Yesterday’s Phenology: A pretty unusual day for late November. 52 degrees when I woke up, went out with Flynn. Got up to 55 during the day. (MPR Weather maven Paul Huttner says this November is 10 degrees warmer than usual. He also says that Waseca has set a new Minnesota record for highest annual precipitation, at 53.78 inches. Go Waseca!) Along with the balmy temperatures, we had dark cloudy skies, and thunderstorms that lasted much of the morning and dumped quite a lot of rain, almost an inch. Some places got some hail as well. Odd indeed.

Song of the Day: Ana Vidovic, Asturias

leaf, redwing


Yesterday’s Phenology: a good day to be in-doors, even if at work. What they call “a wintery mix.” Rain, sleet, freezing rain, snow fell in varying degrees all day long, while the temperature hovered at about 33 degrees. A bit of slushy accumulation, slippery spots in the roads. Mostly people drove sensibly. (Though more sensible to not go anywhere.) Tonight they are predicting more of the same, though perhaps a bit more on the snow end of the spectrum. Where’s the shovel?

Song of the day: Aretha Franklin, (You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman

let’s take a moment to reflect


Yesterday’s Phenology: a beautiful day, sunny, calm, temps in the 50s. Everything in nature seems to be at a stand still. The leaves are down. There’s not much movement out there. The only birds I see are geese and ducks. The days keep getting incrementally shorter. We await the arrival of winter. Enjoying the last minutes of a very long fall.

Song of the day: Erik Satie, Gymnopedie No. 1

there they go…


Yesterday’s Phenology: It was a nice day for the last day of the farmer’s market for the year. Overcast, but pleasant temperatures. It sprinkled rain now and then. We could remember other end-of-the-market days that were bitterly cold and windy, and were glad that it was not. It started raining more assertively at closing time and rained through the afternoon. The streets and sidewalks are covered with the fall leaves, and looked beautiful in the rain. There are still raspberries to be picked, and I also picked a few tomatoes today that seem questionable, but I applaud their perseverance. There were a number of tomatoes that gave it up in the last day or two and lay on the ground about the tomato patch. 48 degrees as bedtime approaches.

Song of the day: Frank Sinatra, The Best is Yet to Come

that time of year


Yesterday’s Phenological Observations: Yes, the leaves were not as nice as the day before. A cool fall day, a little bit breezy, high maybe in the mid 50s. Very chilly last night, and even with the moon out, there were a lot of stars visible. I get to work now before the sun comes up, which makes me think it’s about time to change the clocks, so that I am driving into the sun again. Falling leaves are commonplace now. Pretty, but ominous. Winter is coming.

Song of the day: Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Tenderly

morning crow


Yesterday’s Phenology: Every day the trees seem like they are at peak color. But today, I think, was really the day.

Song of the day: Glen Campbell, By the Time I get to Phoenix