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record-store day

Yesterday’s Phenology: A surprisingly nice day, after recent weather occurences, with sun, and blue sky, and reasonably warmish April temps. Wood ducks, mallards, and canadian geese all getting along around the pond. People could learn a thing or two from these water fowl.

Song of the day: Joe Cocker, With a Little Help From My Friends


Yesterday’s Phenology: Picture perfect day. Upper 60s and sunny. Visited Eloise Butler wildflower garden. I won’t go into details, but many little wildflowers are up and open for business. You’ll see some pictures soon.

Song of the day: Meade Lux Lewis, Honky Tonk Train Blues

the Ritz Theater, Mpls, Peter the Starcatcher

Yesterday’s Phenology: Back into the 40s, and back into the clouds. Overcast, calm, looked like it wanted to rain. Another month of above average temperatures. That’s 19 months in a row, here, that we’ve had above average temperatures.

Song of the day: Harry Richman, Putting on the Ritz


One from the archives: Brian Boru Pipe Band, St. Patrick’s Day Parade, St. Paul, 2010

Yesterday’s phenology: March continues. Temps maybe crept into the 40s. Snow receding. Grass beneath all brown and dead looking. Martha reports seeing a murder of crows harassing a great horned owl in the morning. There certainly are many crows aboot. That must be a sign of something. “When hundreds of crows do thee see, then…?”

Song of the day: Sinead O’Connor & The Chieftans, The Foggy Dew

another sip of Tea


Yesterday’s Phenology: The days are all blending together, a long gray line. Cloudy skies and slightly above freezing again yesterday. Just like the day before, and the day before, and the day before.

Song of the Day: Jack Teagarden, What Did I Do to Be So Black and Blue

swingin’ tunes from a swingin’ place – vintage music in minneapolis


THE place to go if you are looking for 78s in the Twin Cities.

Yesterday’s phenology: Ducks and Geese, Wasps and Bees, and wee flying spinning  things which catch the sunlight but I can’t make out what they are, but they are everywhere. Cool nights, and our furnace kicked on this morning, which seems early to this phenologist, but records on the furnace kick-on date are non-existent. The commute east in the morning this week has been rather wicked, with nary a cloud in the sky and the sun a painfully bright orange orb rising up at the end of every avenue.

Song of the day? Can you guess?


May Day Parade, Minneapolis

feathers e fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7997


Mayday Parade, Minneapolis, 2016, in the drum truck

drum b fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 8125


missed it.

hotpants b gs fr - mtpmcg1015 sm - 9732


One from the archives, June, 2003: Pipe Organ, James J. Hill House

pipe organ b fr - mtpmcg0603 sm - 1489


maya vik, norway house, minneapolis, june, gold

rnr2 e bw fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 5100


maya vik, norway house, minneapolis, june, red

fs f fr - mtpmcg615 SM - 5177


maya vik, norway house, minneapolis, june, black and white

rnr2 d fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 5152


maya vik, norway house, minneapolis, june, blue

fs g2 fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 5129


hammered dulcimer

hd f fr - mtpmcg515 sm - 7443


mississippi music

river music c fr - mtpmcg315 sm - 6465


78 rpm

78 c fr - mtpmcg315 sm - 4264


one from the archives, may 2013, bluebird of spring

78 d fr - mtpmcg513 sm -  050


boogie woogie

bw c fr - mtpmcg315 sm - 4252


One from the archives, may 2005, national steel guitar



one from the archives, november 2011, cymbolic

cy d fr - mtpmcg1111 sm - 2742


one from the archives; more from the 2003 accordion fest

accord3 fr - mtpmcg1103 sm


one from the archives: more triangle! November 2003 accordion fest.

triangle c fr - mtpmcg1103 sm - 2008