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spring blossom, eloise butler garden

Yesterday’s Phenology: A fine day. (Another fine day.) Cloudy morning and cool, then cleared a bit and got into the 70s, then clouded up and rained a little bit. A bald eagle paid a visit to the little suburban pond where I work. There was a lot of nervousness about the pond, I bet. But he flew off without bothering anybody much.

Song of the day: Richard Thompson, 1952 Vincent Black Lightening


one from the archives, march 2014, cardinal call

cardinal b fr - mtpmcg314 sm - 3422


autumn lake

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a cockshutt 20

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pear with apples

fruit b2 fr - mptmcg315 sm - 4300

one from the archives, may 2012, bleeding heart, happy valentine’s day!

bleeding hearts b fr - mtpmcg512 sm - 6198red



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