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Yesterday’s Phenology: A pretty unusual day for late November. 52 degrees when I woke up, went out with Flynn. Got up to 55 during the day. (MPR Weather maven Paul Huttner says this November is 10 degrees warmer than usual. He also says that Waseca has set a new Minnesota record for highest annual precipitation, at 53.78 inches. Go Waseca!) Along with the balmy temperatures, we had dark cloudy skies, and thunderstorms¬†that lasted much¬†of the morning and dumped quite a lot of rain, almost an inch. Some places got some hail as well. Odd indeed.

Song of the Day: Ana Vidovic, Asturias


como conservatory, st. paul

arch c fr - mtpmcg115 sm - 4019


fall, japanese garden, como park

ref leaf d fr - mtpmcg1014 sm - 6245


silver lake, october

silverlake c fr - mtpmcg1013 sm - 2259


minnehaha creek, october

landmark tower, partly sunny day

ecolab building, st. paul

jackson tower, galtier plaza, reflection in metro square