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Angel from Maiden Rock

Yesterday’s Phenology: Summer continues. Sunny. 91. Not so enjoyable. Very dry.

Song of the day: Bonnie Raitt, Angel from Montgomery

Common Good Books, St. Paul

Yesterday’s Phenology: A bit of a boring day. Sunny, mid 70s. Walked around the pond, the baby geese are about.

Song of the day: Percy Sledge, When a Man Loves a Woman

Dine / Dance

Yesterday’s Phenology: Sunny and warmish — though the day did start off with scraping ice off the windshield. But, a momentary disappointment. The day improved. The sun warmed. Wood ducks waddle by the pond. Geese pout by the paths, all surly and annoyed. I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a cheery Canadian Goose. They are malcontents.

Song of the day, Petula Clark, I Know a Place

Coffee Roaster, Dunn Brothers Coffee, St. Paul

Yesterday’s Phenology: Another good day, overcast and cool. Maybe a few sprinkles in the evening, maybe a little sunshine. Seagulls wheeling in the sky, making a racket. May have been Parking Lot Gulls, actually.

Song of the day: Sarah Vaughan, Black Coffee

night caffe

Yesterday’s Phenology: Any day, now, phenology is going to start busting out all over. But not yesterday, which was overcast and cold like February should have been. It was in the upper 20s, but felt colder. Probably due to the 60s we’ve experienced lately. Context is so important. Anyway, it was cold, and getting colder now by the minute.

Song of the day: Frank Sinatra, One for my Baby

the children’s classic…


Yesterday’s Phenology: A march sort of day. Sunny, and a bit warmer, but breezy, so a bit colder. That sort of day. Went for a long walk with Flynn in the afternoon, and was followed by a murder of crows, perhaps about a hundred or so, a boisterous lot. We pretended to ignore them, as they were dying for our attention. I may also have seen a hawk, also ignoring the crows as best he could. Though the last few days have been not so cold, there are still scraps of snow here and there to remind us of winter.

Song of the day: Dean Glenn Hubbard, Every Breath You Take

Raymond and University, 5:55 pm


Yesterday’s Phenology: a more typical late February day. Temps in the low 40s. Lakes still largely ice covered, but bare of snow, so you can’t always be sure.

Song of the Day:┬áBennie Moten’s Orch, That’s What I’m Talking About

the Castle has fallen


Yesterday’s Phenology: Another cheery gray day, temps hovering in the mid 20s, a little breeze making it feel a little chillier than that. I was thinking about the birds that I’ve seen so far this year. The bird list has kind of come to a standstill. Geese and crows. Crows and geese. Crows and crows. Sparrows at the bird feeder. Deep, we are deep down in the January doldrums.

Song of the day: John Lee Hooker, Blues Before Sunrise

barber shop, south minneapolis


Yesterday’s Phenology: Well. 72. New high temp record. (old record, 71, 2001.) A beautiful day. Yard work. Chickadees. 10 mile bike ride down to Minnehaha Falls, and then along the Minnehaha Creek to Lake Nokomis. And then Yard work again. Blue skies. Pretty leaves. High water on the creek. November 5th.

Song of the day: Ike and Tina Turner, Proud Mary



Somewhere around Rosedale, in the parking lot of a parking lot for a parking lot deep within one of the many sub-mall spin-offs

Yesterday’s Phenology: A nice fall day. Came across a tree this morning that was a flutter with juvenile cedar waxwings. They were ┬ánot as colorful as the adults, but had the little head crest, and the mask over the eyes, and the bright yellow bar on the tip of the tail. There were a lot in the tree, and they were all jumping around, it kind of looked like fun. The Cornell Lab of Ornithology says that in the fall these guys will gather in the hundreds to eat berries, and we thought that might be what they were up to, but there weren’t hundreds of them. Maybe 30 or so. It was hard to get a good count. They were kind of noisy, though.

Other than that, not much. A single peal of thunder in the evening, but no rain, I don’t think. The sumac in our yard is edged with red in a couple of spots.

Song of the day: Goin’ Down, by… yes… the Monkees.


the hi-lo diner, minneapolis

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Hi-Lo Diner, Lake Street, Minneapolis

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blessed are the cheesemakers

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Gardner Hardware Co.

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happy cookies

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one from the archives, april 2011: Senor Wong’s Dragon

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rings at the WAM

rings e fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7625


retail market diversification

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one from the archives: Peter’s Grill, March 2008

Peter's Grill d fr - mtpmcg308-316 sm - 7334


one from the archives, september 2009, signage, state fair

classic beverage icongraphy at the fair c sm


midtown market radishes

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Newmayer and Broome’s classic

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Dahl Violin Shop

alley c fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 5329


washington avenue chrome, minneapolis

chrome d fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 5427