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centering stone

Song of the Day: Harold Budd, Robin Guthrie, and Eraldo Bernocchi, Winter Garden

Japanese Garden, Como Park

Yesterday’s Phenology: A cool and cloudy day. Nice looking clouds. They tried to rain a bit, and managed to do so, here and there. Temp topped out at 60. Nice.

Song of the day: Jackson Browne, Rock me on the Water

spring rain

Yesterday’s phenology: A perfectly delightful day. After a night of rain, it rained a bit more during the day. Mostly overcast and cool and breezy. The temperature was 51 just after midnight, and has been dropping all day, and now it’s about 40. There were reports of snow up in Grand Marais, and there’s frost warnings north of the Twin Cities. Cool!

Song of the day: Sly and the Family Stone, Everybody is a Star

japanese garden, como conservatory

Yesterday’s Phenology: Another day of stormy skies and rain. Much too nice to spend at work, and yet, there we were. Nice thunderstorm in the evening, just after dinner.

Song of the day: Tom Waits, Make It Rain & Rain Dogs

mississippi beach still life

shell c fr - mtpmcg062616 - 1455 sm

On the shore at the dogpark, the shiney shells catch my eye. How long before they get worn away?

Yesterday’s Phenology:  A pretty near perfect day. 77 or so. Noted a lone egret standing in the pond, looking kind of lonely. Though he was with a lot of geese and ducks. Our raspberry plants are heavy with fruit, which is just starting to be ready to pick. Noticed a tree by the pond, a maple, starting to turn a bit. That’s the first one that I’ve seen, really.


one from the archives, north shore flowers, july 2002

nshore flowers b fr - mtpmcg0702 sm - 0173


one from the archives, july 2006, the crowd at the north shore

the north shore crowd july 2006


red on rocks, japanese garden

red leaves and rocks d fr - mtpmcg1014 sm - 6299


north shore

shore c fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5789