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Dogparks are for Running In. Or through.

Song of the day: Dion, Run Around Sue

beached leaf


Yesterday’s Phenology: Out of the blue, today, the sun came out, and it was oddly warm. Up in the 20s? Compared to -20, it was like springtime. All it takes is a little perspective, I guess.

Song of the day: George Harrison, Out of the Blue

sunday: dog park day


Yesterday’s Phenology: Perfect day: 70 degrees, partly cloudy, light breeze. Took a long bike ride, and things are still 95% green. Cool night ahead.

shore patrol

Flynn d fr - mtpmcg062616 - 1376 sm

There’s really no need to actually get into the water, Flynn explained to me. Everything that’s really ¬†interesting out there in the water eventually has to come¬†in to shore. Where I am waiting. And ready. Because the shore belongs to me.

Yesterday’s Phenology: Actually a pleasant late-summer day. I’d say 80 degrees, tops, and dry, (after the rain from last night’s thunderstorms dried up.) Did I see much phenology today? Nope. Many bees and other flying insecta in the garden, and on the goldenrod. I leave them alone, they leave me alone. Live and let live, that’s what I say. There appears to be some leaves falling from the trees, but of course it’s much too early for that sort of nonsense, and so I am probably imagining it. They are probably just loose leaves being blown about, and I only happen to see them as they are gently descending to earth. I’ve been hearing more cardinals singing now. Perhaps they were singing all summer, but, in the long days, they were up and singing before I was up and listening. Once again, our clocks are briefly synchronized.

Thirteen hours and 19 minutes of daylight today (8/30), or, as we Phenologists put it, 13:19. That’s right about average for this time of year.


one from the archives: Florida beach, 2004

florida beach b fr - mtpmcg404 sm - 2402


one from the archives: florida beach, 2004

florida beach b fr - mtpmcg404 sm - 2399