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Picnic Grounds of the Ancients

These mysterious structures were built millions of years ago, perhaps, by ancient suburbanites of this locale. The local legends speak of something referred to only as “weenie-roasts.” What actually took place here, what purpose these small monolithic structures served, what happened to the forgotten tribes that used them for some long lost purpose… well, we may never know the true story. We are left with conjecture and imagination. Could this be the representation of an ancient spacecraft that landed here before recorded time? Or it is an igloo precursor, hewn from stone by long-lost technology? Or some sort of communication device? Or an early sauna? Or the beehive of the gods???

Song of the day: Theme from the X Files

big bike bug

Yesterday’s Phenology: Another cool cloudy spring day. Temp just nudged up to 50 degrees. Blue Jays are looking at things very critically, these days. They are vainglorious posers who are never around when there is real work to be done, but they love to complain about things.
Well, maybe they are not all like that.

Song of the day: Harry James and his Orchestra, When Your Lover Has Gone


the bicycle bugs are out…

Yesterday’s Phenology: This has been a pretty nice spring! This morning, in the 40s. Maybe it got up into the 50s today. Rained a lot in the morning, cloudy afternoon, and then more rain and a bit of thunder in the evening. Big buds are opening up everywhere.

Song of the day: Count Basie and his Orchestra, One O’Clock Jump

One from the archives, Oct 2012, Jason Hackenwerth’s balloon sculpture at the Weisman Museum, U of M

Yesterday’s Phenology: It was an okay March day. Kind of cold and kind of windy, but at least it was unremittingly gray, nary a peep of old man sol. A bit of drizzle now and the, perhaps in the low low low 40s. The pond is frozen over again, but for a few open spots, where ducks and geese paddle about. We’re coming up on the first day of spring, and nary a robin has yet been spotted. Perhaps tomorrow?

Song of the day: Topol, If I were a Rich Man

The Bard of Redwing


This Shakespere  fellow is up on the outside of the Sheldon Theater in Redwing. It kind of looks like he’s doing time up there.

Yesterday’s Phenology: A beautiful October day; sunny and in the mid 50s. Seemed a little bit breezy in the later afternoon. Needed to scrape ice of the car windows in the morning, which is never fun in the pre-dawn dark. Or ever, really. I’ve been looking extra hard for phenology the last couple days, but there’s not much to report. We are getting the last raspberries out of our garden, and they are very good. Same with the kale. Have we finished putting the winter storm windows up? No, we haven’t.

Song of the day: Joe Cocker, With a Little Help from my Friends


faces in the crowd, mayday parade, minneapolis

faces c fr - mtpmcg05012016 sm - 7925


one from the archives, april 2011: Senor Wong’s Dragon

wong c fr - mtpmcg411 sm - 7631

monday morning rain

cloud f fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7666

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret, at the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis

cloud, weisman art museum

cloud c gs fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7645

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret

cloud, rain

cloud f fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7627

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret, at the Weisman Art Museum, Minneapolis


cloud f fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7671

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret

cloud and rain, weisman art museum

cloud d fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7659

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret


Cloud II

cloud b fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7651

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret


cloud: rain

cloud c2 fr - mtpmcg032016 sm - 7659

sculpture by Caitlind r. c. Brown and Wayne Garret


ancient guy. Doryphoros, minneapolis institute of art

dor c fr - mtpmcg216 sm - 7375


paddle boarder, vintage

trendy b fr - mtpmcg815 sm - 8551


I hope there is a “RETREAT” emblem on the other side of the building. Minneapolis.

advance e bw fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 5288


como conservatory, st. paul

grasp b fr - mtpmcg115 sm - 3914


Doryphoros, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

dor c2 fr - mtpmcg1214 sm - 3449


rose garden, minneapolis, one evening awhile ago..

rose garden a fr sm - 20140724_200721


one from the archives: string theory, 2004

string art b fr - mtpmcg 504 sm - 2672


One from the archives: F. Scott Fitzgerald in Rice Park in May of 2005

fscott1 c - mtpmcg505 fr

the scream

sno b fr - mtpmcg214 sm - 3055



This snow man reminds me for some reason of Edvard Munch’s painting.


Today’s Phenological note:

White cows are difficult to see this month, as the fields where they tend to lurk can often be covered with frozen precipitation known as snow. This protective coloration is rendered more effective when the snow is actively precipitating from the sky, rendering the white cows practically invisible. No one can say with any certainty what the cows are actually doing out there in the fields as the snow falls, and this can lead to some unpleasant discoveries in the spring, when the snow usually reverts to a liquid, sinking thence into the earth. You may notice that many farmers seem to prefer cows that are brown or reddish in color, as they are easier to keep track of during this time of the year.

four unknown guys on an unnamed building on a forgotten street in lowertown

1895 d2 fr - mtpmcg111 sm - 0059

This is a picture from a few years ago, a building in St. Paul’s lowertown. And right now I can’t find my reference book, so I’ve got no information handy on what building this is or who these guys are. And I also think it’s likely that this isn’t even mentioned in the book. But… I will investigate. More on this later.

Update: This is the American House Apartments, at 352 Wacouta in St. Paul. Designed by Cass Gilbert, built in 1895, this was originally known as the Western Supply Company Warehouse, but was later known for many years as the  home of American Beauty Macaroni.