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north memorial medical center

20160817_140714 - mtpmcg081716 - windows d fr sm


clouds on clouds

clouds b fr - mtpmcg072516 sm - 1932


geese, heading north

geese d bw fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 7972


keller park, march

keller c fr - mptmcg315 sm - 4330


cloudy pond

clouds c fr - mtpmcg914 sm - 2701


early evening sky, north shore

evening north shore a fr - mtpmcg714 sm - 5834


winter clouds

clouds b gs fr - mtpmcg212 sm - 4890


jet c sol fr - mtpmcg210 sm - 9413



a jet trail across a blue sky. Plus a little photoshop action. Something a little different.

deep in the ice-bound february of the soul

feb b fr - mtpmcg214 sm - 3183

The scene from one of our living room windows, as we lie on our couch. Waiting for spring. Waiting. Waiting.
I think that if I were in Moscow, I shouldn’t mind about the weather.

Today’s Phenological Update:

A slight warming yesterday and today, with dustings of snow. In the early afternoon yesterday I walked to the library, and kept a sharp eye peeled for phenology. I saw many small footprints, birds and squirrels and rabbits in the new fallen snow, but I did not actually see any birds or squirrels or rabbits. The sun was a silver ball up behind the clouds. A long-haired cat has been eyeing the sparrows in our yard as they take turns raiding the bird feeder. He’s a malevolent looking beast, perhaps tortoiseshell, but mostly black and wary, a shadow across the snow as he bolts whenever I come into the yard, vanishing like a ghost.
Not much for phenology today, I’m afraid.


setting sun

lines c fr - mtpmcg813 sm - 1633


it floats past in the early blue of dawn like a big silent ship

ride c fr - mtpmcg0413 sm - 4386


between the lines

moon a fr - mtpmcg1212 sm - 2177

black table, raindrops, cloudy

headed west


the wall

(not really as close as it seems)

That’s Jupiter on the left, & Venus on the right. Kind of a dark photo, I guess. Best to look at this at night, with all the room lights out.


another crow


landmark tower, partly sunny day