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Vermillion Falls, Hastings

Song of the day, Sister Rosetta Tharp, Didn’t it Rain

redwing, and barn bluff


Yesterday’s phenology: a damp cold. A damp gray cold. A damp gray rainy cold. Sparrows and geese and a single flashing blue jay that swooped by on our way to the dog park.

Song of the day:┬áCarole King – (You Make Me Feel Like A) Natural Woman

Ehlers, Redwing


Yesterday’s Phenology: Frost on the pumpkin in the morning. A sunny clear October day, with a high in the 50s. 58, say? The leaves have fallen off our maple tree, at last, and were raked up today. Still a few more fall chores to be done. Winter is coming, they say. But they don’t say when.

Song of the day: the Doors, Light My Fire


maiden rock wisconsin

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Maiden Rock, Wisconsin

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wall of mystery, redwing. Ticket windows? Pet doors? random openings?

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the old ball yard, Redwing, Mn

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