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one from the archives, june 2010, wutelco

Yesterday’s phenology: an overcast day, temps in the upper 40s, nary a drop of sunlight to be seen. Green shoots are busy shooting up.

Song of the day: Tom Waits, Underground

One from the archives, June 2013, the summer game

Yesterday’s Phenology: A cold and overcast spring day. Largely in the 30s. Not good baseball weather.

Song of the day: John Fogarty, Centerfield

one from the archives, august 2009, out for a row…

Yesterday’s Phenology: We are suddenly getting some very March-like weather. Rather unexpected. Sunny day today, but the temp stayed in the low 30s. The snow is melting slowly. The crows seem querulous. Always bickering about something or other. Sidewalks still have some snowy patches (those neighbors who have given up on shoveling for the winter) and some icy patches, where they’ve been shoveled. All that’s missing, really, is about 15 or so inches of old snow. Then it would really be like March.

Song of the Day: R. Crumb and his Keep-on-Truckin’ Orchestra, River Blues

a whole lot of crowing going on


Yesterday’s Phenology: Started out sunny and warmish, then turned cloudy and warmish. Temp peaked in the upper mid thirties. The January thaw is in full swing.

Song of the day: Charles Gounod – Funeral March of a Marionette

dark side of the duck


Yesterday’s Phenology: Not a bad day for mid-January in Minnesota. The temperature crept up to lower 20s, the sun was out, and there was a bit of melting in the streets. We’ll take it.

Song of the day: Anouar Brahem, The Astounding Eyes of Rita

one from the summer: family outing


Yesterday’s Phenology: Winter arrives. Arrives more north and west of us, where they got between one and two feet of snow, blizzard conditions, 50 mph winds. We missed much of that. Here we had thunderstorms move through in the morning, the sky grew incredibly dark and then poured down, a hard rain, about 10 in the morning or so. After that, a bit of rain, dark clouds, windy. Just as I was leaving work, just before, it started snowing, with 40  mph winds. But still warm enough so that all that stayed on the ground here was slushy snow on the grass. Now, bedtime, snow has stopped, but colder and still windy. I guess this is more like an appetizer here, a tast of winter. Up on the Iron Range, two feet of snow, there is winter.

Song of the day: David Crosby, Music is Love