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jungle cat

Song of the day: Dick Dale and the Del Tones, Misirlou

One from the archives, bluemobile, october 2011

Yesterday’s Phenology: Big storms last night, everywhere around here but not here. Here the lawns are turning brown. We had a little thunder last night, and a little wind, and a little rain. Not much. We could use some rain.

Song of the Day, Chuck Berry, Maybellene

dyno II

Yesterday’s Phenology: Well, let’s see. Sunny in the early morning, then clouded over a bit, then sunny again, and a little warmer, then breezy (from the west, as I biked west) and sunny, and then cloudy and thunderstorm, and then cooler, and partly cloudy, and maybe more rain? Lots of daisy’s blooming in the yard, and large clumps of green grapes hand from our pergola. Baby cucumbers in the garden, and it looks like raspberries are on their way too.

Song of the day: Keith Michell, Irma la Douce, The Wreck of a Mec

late 20th century dyno

Yesterday’s Phenology: A cloudy day that looked like it intended to rain, but hasn’t yet. Flickers in the trees are pecking away, looking for food, I suppose. Or perhaps just something to do.

Song of the day: George Harrison, It’s Johnny’s Birthday / Plug Me In


one from the archives, sept 2012,: corvette

Yesterday’s Phenology: The day started out dark and gray. Then the sun came out and brightened things up a bit. Temps got up in the 50s, and it seemed like a nice March day. Vs of geese are seen flying over, headed towards the river. It always cheers me up to see them up there, and reminds me of the Wonderful Adventures of Nils.

Song of the day: Ides of March, Vehicle

the great escape


Yesterday’s Phenology: Downright balmy. It’s just kept getting warmer and warmer, until now it’s all the way up to 24.  We also had a bit of snow throughout the day, which was fairly pretty as it was coming down but made for a very long commute home, as the roads were covered with mush, making for tenuous footing and worse driving than usual.
But, the snow also showed a lot of nice rabbit tracks around the pond. Invisible rabbits. You never see them, but they are there.

Song of the Day: Graham Nash, Military Madness

L & M Supply in Hibbing has Everything


Their selection of giraffes was particularly good for a small town whatzit shop.

Yesterday’s Phenology: coolish and cloudyish. Spotted one bright red tree on my drive home from work. Early adopter. 60% chance of t-storms tonight, but was 80% chance a few hours ago, so odds are we stay dry, I think. Generally, an unremarkable day, pheonology-wise. Today I will pay more attention.


one from the archives: blue mobile, october 2011

bluecar b fr - mtpmcg1011 sm - 1818


one from the archives, sept 2012, the old orange truck

truck b fr - mtpmcg912 sm - 1043



lm b3 fr - mtpmcg1015 sm - 9599


2222 1/2

2222 d fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 5202


a small delivery

gt e LF fr - mtpmcg615 sm - 5212


one from the archives: march 2010, evidence

evidence - 9644


One from the archives; corvette, september 2012

sting a fr - mtpmcg912 sm - 1079


Merry Christmas!

x b fr - mtpmcg1214 sm - 3572


another spin on the merry go round

cc f fr - mtpmcg1014 sm - 6367


…the old ball game

early pinball b wc fr - mtpmcg814 sm - 2609


one from the archives: the bluemobile, October 2011

bluecar c fr - mtpmcg1011 sm - 1815


one from the archives, september 2011: busted!

busted c fr - mtpmcg911 sm - 1358


one from the archives, may 2005, jar of stars

jar of stars 6 e fr - mtpmcg205 sm


the kite flyer, one from the archives, june, 2006

kite d fr - mtpmcg606 sm - 0151

The crowd at Ingebretsen’s, Lake Street, Minneapolis

ingebretsens b fr - mtpmcg214 sm - 3190

Ingebretsen’s is a pretty incredible place, especially if you are of Scandinavian descent. They have a great selection of all things Nordic, including sweaters, crafts, glassware, art, Tomte, and… meat. The place started off as a meat market in 1921, and still has a Very Popular meat market, plus a great gift shop, plus a sewing shop. Plus the friendliest people this side of Finland. (Or this side of Ireland, at least.)

Yesterday’s Phenology Note

Snow. Very pretty coming down. Cat tracks in the yard, and the sparrows on the birdfeeder are getting cross, because I think I have neglected the feeder for awhile. I better get out there. I did notice, today, about 5pm, that it’s lighter out there than it has been. The days are getting longer. This time of year, careful observers might note that pitchers and catchers are gathering up their gloves, caps, baseballs, bats, cleats, etc, and migrating south. Pitchers and Catchers are the first of the baseball players to migrate south in the spring, where they begin to prepare for the coming season. The “position” players will usually follow soon after. For baseball fans, this is as sure a sign of spring as there is.

Rapunzel, south minneapolis

rap b fr - mtpmcg214 sm - 3037

I found this little gal high up in the garret of a south minneapolis library. It could only be Rapunzel. Though her hair, I thought, would be longer. And less purple.
These little free libraries are popping up all over the neighborhood. A nice thing. And I’ve gotten several good books from them, and donated a few as well.

Today’s Phenological Note:

Unremittingly cold weather is dull, and wears a body down. I have not heard any Cardinals singing their spring song for several days now, and no wonder. Somebody jumped the gun, there, I think. Wishful thinking, I suppose. Can’t be blamed for that.

insert rogers hornsby quote here

hr c fr - mtpmcg613 sm - 1016

Or better yet, here:

“People ask me what I do in winter when there’s no baseball. I’ll tell you what I do. I stare out the window and wait for spring.”

Today’s phenological note:

The sparrows around the bird feeder are hypersensitive to criticism this week. Best to just ignore them and let them go about their business. They’ll get over it by next week. Probably just the winter, wearing on their nerves. Lord knows we could all use a break.