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yellow summer chaos

Song of the day: Donavon, Colors

gather ye pollen while ye may


The bees get a bit hysterical as the summer draws down. It’s deadline pressure.

Yesterday’s Phenology: Well, let’s see. Overcast morning and a few sprinkles, then sunny and warmish and a beautiful fall day. A sprinkling of red maple leafs on the ground in the park. I remember now that I saw a Wooly Bear caterpillar crossing the bike trail a couple weeks ago. Wooly Bears are widely known as reliable predictators of the weather. They say that the Wooly Bear has thirteen (13) distinct “segments” that are colored either black or rusty brown. The wider or the more brown segments there are, the milder the winter will be. The more black segments (or segment width. whatever.) the more harsh the coming winter will be. Rule of thumb: if more than a third of the Wooly Bear is brown, it will be a milder winter.

Unfortunatly, I was on my bike at the time, cruising at about 18 mph through a quick S-curve. While I did not smash the Wooly Bear (lord knows what that would have meant for the coming winter) I also was unable to scientifically measure it’s brown/black ratio. And so, well, we just don’t know. We will have to rely instead on the witchcraft and superstitions of the National Weather Service instead.

Two other things: it’s just kind of fun to say Wooly Bear. Whoever named those guys, nice job. And the Wooly Bear that I saw was moving at some serious speed across the bike path. Do Wooly Bears know about bike paths and mortality? Why does a Wooly Bear cross a bike path, anyway?

Song of the day – well, what else could it be? Wooly Bully! – Sam the Sham and the Pharaos, circa ’65



the CLZ

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yellow locks

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gold and red

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moths are hard to identify

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more eloise butler

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one from the archives, may 2005 – 67 days…

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in the happy bin

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enjoy them while they last…

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more orange sulpher, nerstrand woods

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orange sulpher, Colias eurytheme, nerstrand woods

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bee at work

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flower in the rain

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tax tool

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lite bright art, union station, st. paul

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fall flower

a sunny late-summer day

I do love these little yellow flowers…

for beginners

the yellow horse – may day parade, 2012

orchid, menards store, saint paul

glow cat

it ain’t over till it’s over