Yesterday’s Phenology: Cold. Gray, largely. Not real cold. Pretty cold. But not Minnesota Winter Cold. Still, since we are not yet acclimated to it, it is Plenty Cold Enough. High of 19 today, currently 11. Cold enough. Moments of disorienting sun, but not enough to be dangerous. 93% gray skies, and roughly 72% cold. Christmas is sneaking up on us, and there is scant snow on the ground.

Song of the Day: The Mama’s and the Papa’s, California Dreamin’

on Golden Pond


Yesterday’s Phenology: It rather feels like Winter is here, though lacking snow in these parts. A chilly 17 yesterday morning, as I waited in the darkness at the bus stop at 6:20. I remembered waiting at the bus stop all those years ago, high school, junior high, -20, snowing, pitch black. Thought nowt about it. Those were the days. Cold throughout the day, still breezy, the wind sneaking over from the blizzard in NoDak. Still darker than yesterday. To work in the dark, working through the day in my dark cold little cubicle, dark as I go home at night. The Theater of the seasons. I took a look at the pond this morning, frozen over, and ducks and geese sitting out on it looking morose.
(The picture above, of course, is from a few weeks back. I hope those two flew south after their stroll around the pond.)

Song of the day: Bob Dylan, Girl from the North Country

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Yesterday’s Phenology: Winter may be here. The temperature hovered in the low upper mid teens today, but the 20 – 30 mph winds made it seem more like zero. Dry little snow flakes flew by occasionally, as if to emphasize the fact that it was pretty darn cold and windy. In the late afternoon a brilliantly bright object appeared briefly in the sky. Many fell to their knees in wonderment or fear. But then the clouds came back and life went back to normal. The radio weather guy said something to the effect that there is an endless supply of very cold weather coming our way.
Oh boy.

Song of the Day:┬áBob Dylan – Boots Of Spanish Leather

flip side


Yesterday’s Phenology: Can you guess? Gray skies. Slightly above freezing. About 70% of the snow has melted away. Ice fog in the morning provided a nice opportunity for thoughtless driving and excessive speeds. The pond is still open water. Some rumors about a big chill descending. We shall see. Winter is coming?

Song of the Day: Miles Davis, Autumn Leaves

moon and clouds


Yesterday’s Phenology: Unusually bright out today, but mostly because we received about 2 inches of snow last night, and that brightens things up considerably. It remained cloudy today, and the temps crept above the freezing mark. Crows were all about today, making a racket. They are like some sort of lawless scavenger tribe┬áthat has moved in and taken over the city.

Song of the Day: Tom Waits and the Seven Dwarfs, Heigh Ho

autumn leaf


Yesterday’s Phenology: The sun peeked out today, for about 5 minutes. Otherwise, cold and grey. Below freezing, even. Slightly. Still, we carry on.

Song of the Day: Nat King Cole, Autumn Leaves