trouble sleeping in March

Song of the day: Blue Moon, Billie Holiday

Today’s Phenology: Out for a walk in the morning. Everything very very very dry. Very much so. Dry. Struggling.

Afternoon: Thunderstorms!


The Dark Side of the Orange

It’s been quite a while.

WordPress has changed their formatting quite a lot.

I am not a fan of changes, but I will give them a chance.

Song of the day: Dark Side of the Moon. Orange Floyd.

Minneapolis, 27 May 2020


Song of the day, Erik Satie, Gnossienne No. 4


album of the day, Miles Davis, Cookin’

January: The Dog Course

Song of the day: Bruce Cockburn, High Winds, White Sky

Today’s Phenology: Temperature hovering around freezing for the last several days, leading to minor snow melt and some ice in places. Sun is neglecting us. Landscape is varying shades of white. Foxes and/or coyotes spotted on neighborhood security cameras. Many bunny tracks in the yard. Eagle spotted riding the winds over the river, looking for dinner. Crows dominate the bare trees. A damp cold that creeps into your bones. Sunday evening always feels like sunday evening, a school night, the end of control over time. The clock is ticking.



Song of the day: Grateful Dead, Bird Song

Today’s Phenology: Gray start to the day. Then some sun. Then more gray. Freezing rain in the morning. Winter rules.

merry christmas!

picture is from a little video I shot in 2002, so long ago…

song of the day, Merv Griffin, Christmas City

today’s early morning phenology: gray skies, fog, 31 degrees, icy.