morning, dogpark


Yesterday’s phenology: A beautiful morning, upper 40s, sunny, a little breezy, and so many leaves were falling, and swirling around, and blowing in piles across the sidewalks and streets. It clouded up a bit in the afternoon, but still very pleasant. I don’t think that red-winged blackbirds migrate, but I haven’t seen any in quite a long time. Perhaps they’ve gone on vacation.

Song of the day: the Rutles, Get up and Go

done for the year…


Yesterday’s Phenology. Another perfect fall day. Sunny and warm enough. Went to Minnehaha falls, which is roaring this year. Kicking through dried leaves on the sidewalk, and I’m starting to see rakes and leaf piles. Street sweeping signs are starting to appear. Early in the morning, before the sun was up, I saw Orion overhead. Winter is Coming.

Song of the day: John Prine, Paradise

colorful autumn


Yesterday’s Phenology: Beautiful fall day. However, a work day. And thus, little phenology of note. Very dark in the morning on my way to work. Not that bright out later, on my way home. But brighter than it will be, lo, these dark days of approaching winter.

Song of the day: Johnny Cash, I Walk the Line

that time of year


Yesterday’s Phenological Observations: Yes, the leaves were not as nice as the day before. A cool fall day, a little bit breezy, high maybe in the mid 50s. Very chilly last night, and even with the moon out, there were a lot of stars visible. I get to work now before the sun comes up, which makes me think it’s about time to change the clocks, so that I am driving into the sun again. Falling leaves are commonplace now. Pretty, but ominous. Winter is coming.

Song of the day: Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, Tenderly

morning crow


Yesterday’s Phenology: Every day the trees seem like they are at peak color. But today, I think, was really the day.

Song of the day: Glen Campbell, By the Time I get to Phoenix

morning dew


Yesterday’s Phenology: Perfect Fall Day (PFD). No Observed Phenology (NOP).

Song of the day: Paul Simon, Anji

early autumn leaf


Yesterday’s Phenology: Well, surprisingly warm this morning. Mid 60s? And the air smelled like city, not healthy, so I suspect one of those temperature inversions where the cold air up on top was keeping all the warm city air trapped underneath. It stayed mostly overcast the whole day, and then in the afternoon a hard rain fell, with thunder and lightening. Roughly an hour or 90 minutes of hard rain. Ten hours and 51 minutes of daylight today. (Ten hours and 22 minutes if you happen to be in Northern Ireland.) On September 25th it was 11:59 minutes of daylight. So, though the days are short indeed, with barely enough time to do what needs doing, it’s worse in Northern Ireland. So take heart.

Song of the day: One of my Irish favorites, Paddy Tunney, The Lark in the Morning