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mississippi bayou, minneapolis


minnehaha dogpark, after quite a bit of rain.

Yesterday’s phenology: A nice day. Saw a bird attack in the morning… there was a crow flying over the neighbors house, and then suddenly another bird streaked across, hitting it. They both went tumbling to the other side of the roof and then through the neighbors yard. I went out to investigate – this was about 6:20 in the morning – but saw no sign of any bird trouble. I’ve never seen that happen before. I suppose it was a hawk, but a crow seems like a pretty big bird to take on. Before this happened, though, the crows were in an uproar out there about something. Maybe a hawk, hanging around?

Not only are there a lot of geese gathering at the pond, I noticed today, but a murder of crows in the trees. Starting to remind me of Hitchcock’s The Birds, a bit.

A good deal of Goldenrod has dried up.

Song of the day: Cow Cow Boogie, by Ella Mae Morse.